Scopes of mobile apps in freight logistics industry

Since phones have become smarter, a variety of ways to use them in businesses are being discovered. The same is happening in freight and logistics industry world around. Companies in this business can drive noteworthy gains if they bring their practices on mobile platforms and execute them through apps. Freight logistics companies certainly have great role in business world. They are moving a lot of things from one place to other. With a mobile app, all their operations can turn much easier.


Freight logistics industry is implementing mobile apps to a lot of its operations. Here are some areas where companies in freight logistics business can adopt mobile apps:

Management of warehouse and yard –

Apps can help warehouse and yard mangers to avoid errors and inaccuracies which are often caused by manually logging the IDs of different goods, equipments, storage locations, bins etc. Here, an app can scan various things and make inventory of all of them. Mangers can easily take the account of the real time inventories and transactions registered through the mobile app and allow the collected data automatically syncing with main database.

Tracking of consignments from warehouses and open spaces

It has always been difficult to track the consignments, particularly when they are moving from one place to another. Companies work hard to locate consignments form warehouses to open spaces. With mobile technology, the whole task can become quick and easy. Mobile technology and apps can help freight logistics companies easily track the consignments and have the details of every single minute. They cannot also deny from the possibility of adding a GPS enabled device to the consignment, tracking its exact location even when it’s moving.

Door delivery consignment monitoring –

The custom mobile application development for freight logistics can make the delivery of consignment an easy process by scanning the goods’ IDs, choosing the movement time, location and entering the quantity of items. It can also simplify the monitoring of each of the incomings and outgoings of goods. Mobile devices and apps even allow delivery staff to quickly update the back office about the delivery of items and instantly send the delivery-alerts to senders and receivers.

Other operations

There are various others operations where freight logistics mobile apps can be implemented. Easing of inspection / compliance, account verifications, monitoring of transportation vehicles, GPS integration, cost reduction, delivery and picking at door, rout planning, and providing customer care services are the names to few of them.

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  • guruprasad

    As we see, technology is growing so as logistics. Enforcing technology in logistics is not a new thing. many things like apps, tracking the process, IOT etc., have already implemented.

    July 21, 2017 at 5:58 pm

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