Search App for iPad by Google

Google Search iPad App

Google has come up with a search application especially for iPad so that they can allure the users and encourage them search anything via their services rather than using the device’s native search application tool Safari. Apparently Google has added many new and interesting features for the iPad users so that they search using its search application. These features include instant search capability to display results, better display for image search. Along with these features Google has also added a feature that makes it easier to search history system to find old searches on the iPad. Google has created a visual search which makes it easier to explore the search history.

Though this is good news for the iPad users but at the same time the Android tablet owners are angry and has only one question to ask that why Google is prioritizing the search capabilities for the opponent  or the rival operating system. Google has also integrated the application with Google+ elements.

The application is available all across it will be clear only ion some time that whether the app will be a hit among the iPad users or will they continue with their native search app safari.

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