SlideShare acquired by LinkedIn for a whopping $ 119 Million

LinkedIn has just purchased SlideShare for $ 119 Million. SlideShare is a web based slide hosting service that allows private and public users to upload files in various formats like PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote and Open Office Presentation. It is a popular place where not only individual users but a lot of big companies, e.g. IBM, publish their content from all of their employees and partners on a branded page.
According to SlideShare, users have so far uploaded more than nine millions presentations and in March 2012 alone, SlideShare was visited by nearly 29 million unique visitors. Analysts say that the combination of both can do a lot from a product point of view. SlideShare has recently intensified its relationship with LinkedIn.
SlideShare was founded in 2006 and soon it became popular among professionals who discover, write and submit relevant content and presentation. It is today one of the most heavily trafficked sites for professional content. Also, 7.4 million presentations hosted on SlideShare have links across more than 1.4 million unique domains.
SlideShare is the best way to share professional presentations, documents and videos. It has been capturing and sharing experience and knowledge of experts with other experts. Professionals use this platform to discover and develop new connections and that’s what LinkedIn is used for so long. LinkedIn is web’s largest professional network and SlideShare will become an extension to further grow its network. One thing is quite clear that SlideShare will add new functionality, broader audience and increased scopes to LinkedIn.

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