Small companies can easily thrive with iOS and Android apps.

Instead of saying Android is better than iOS and vice versa, making this reason that they both are here to help small businesses thriving isn’t irrational. It won’t be good to ignore one for other. We know they are already the toughest competitors to each other so let them be their competitors but we can make really productive use of both of mobile platforms to help small businesses could survive in their industries and become globally known brands.


For big companies, going for a mobile application development may be the matter of putting themselves ahead in the technology & trend race. Maybe they don’t look any monetary related gain from apps as they already have a lot big funds to pay for marketing & advertisement, PPC, and various other campaigns to beat online competitors. But a mobile application development can be greatly helpful for small businesses which do not have enough funds to invest in expensive online campaigns.
Android and iOS are already world’s most popular mobile platforms, with collectively almost 2.5 million apps which are showcased in the App Store and Google Play app store. Here are the advantages of having an app on both of these platforms:
Both iOS and Android are vital for the whole growth of a business.
It’s easier for small businesses to build market reputation through a dedicated mobile application. Both iOS and Android apps offer incredible scopes to be used as a practically useful tool of marketing & promotion. Even if there is a big margin in the adoption of Android and iOS powered devices, but when it comes to money-matter, both turn out to be equally important. A dedicated mobile application development doesn’t only add survival factor to small businesses but also, it powers the business to grow quickly in all possible verticals & horizons.
Regardless of platforms, apps have been proved as an affordable medium of business.
Business needs a medium to reach clients. Today’s mobile application development technology has turned out to be quite affordable even for smaller businesses. If they can successfully place their idea to an experienced developer, it’s not difficult to become available to millions of new users.
iOS and Android hold most of the market shares. With right plan, it will not be difficult to take advantages of them both.
With mobile apps, small businesses have advantage to conveniently target the users through App Store and Google Play. Because Android and iOS are two mobile platforms that hold most of the market share, maximum numbers of users naturally rush to these stores for all sorts of app-requirements.
Mobile application development is much affordable in comparison of marketing and promotional campaigns.
A mobile application development — either for both iOS and Android or for individual one — is much affordable in comparison of launching an advertisement & promotion campaign. In long run, an app turns out to rather economical tool when it’s compared with heavy budget marketing campaigns.

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