How smart mobility can aid us to take better care of pet animals

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Mobility is the greatest thing happening in the recent history of us all. Smart phones have influenced people in every possible way. From getting up in the morning to falling asleep at night, the smart mobility with apps is always present to help us, to make us happy in many ways, and even allow us to such tasks for which we frequently have to drive for several miles.

It’s the story of us. But what else mobility can do? What about mobility helping people improving the lives of their pets? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible and, in fact, it’s happening that people are using their smartphones and apps to take better care of their pet animals. And why only pets, why not other animals, too? Along with domestic animals, mobile technology has scopes for RFID implants and GPS to track wildlife.

But I will keep this post limited to pets only as covering wildlife too will make it needlessly lengthier and, of course, a bit boring for a lot of readers.

Do you have a dog which is an escape artist and, which always leaves you clueless where to find him? Is there a pet-cat which always likes to go outdoors but, its exploring nature often gives you stress if it loses itself into the unknown?

If it’s the case and, you always want an easy way to bring back your pets and also to take better care of them then we have several apps across apps stores. One of them is Finding Rover, which helps dog-owners to successfully bring back their dogs together by using the facial recognition technology. As NPR reported, the app has helped pet-owners more than 600 times for recognizing the dogs.

Apart from finding dogs, apps can also be used for other purposes too. Pets at Home, the leading pet specialty retailer with 434 stores in the UK, has a mobile app offering pet-owners with the omni-channel experience. The app helps pet-owners to learn about and also order the right products from all its stores.

The use of mobile technology can also be extended to homeless dogs and cats.  A great example was set by Rescue Bank, a small company using mobility to help pets on a large scale. Rescue Bank scaled an NGO to support animal rehabilitation community with required supplies and services.

These are some examples on how mobility, with the help of dedicated mobile app development, can be implemented to aid animals in order to take better care of them.

Are you a pet lover or have a business related to pets? Are you an NGO which is engaged in the animal welfare and looking for technology support to quick respond to emergencies?

In all these cases, mobile application development for both domesticated and undomesticated animals can be the greatest tool you will ever see.

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