In smartphone market all are copycats!

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Mobile app developers keep copying each other. It’s a common practice in mobile app development industry. One app developer copies features & functions of other app developers. They create clone apps just to cash the fame of other apps hitting the top lists. And in many cases, developers are creating clone of a clone of a clone.
Practice of copying apps of one another is other thing but the same fashion is now trending among mobile device makers too. iPhone’s latest release is the good example to this fashion. Apple released its two smartphone versions – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As these two iPhones released, people quickly pointed out that the Apple had copied Android in a few ways. Apple increased the screen-size despite the company itself promoted iPhone 5 with the perception – big isn’t necessarily always better. Watch this commercial of Apple for iPhone 5 –

So first thing Apple copied from Android smartphones is the screen-size. The iPhone 6 has screen of 4.7 inches and the 6 Plus being 5.5-inches. Everyone knows Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG have been touting these screen sizes for so long.
This time, Apple has added NFC feature to its smartphones, and it will be used in ApplePay – much like other mobile payment systems. Apple has also extended the video frame recording capacity of its camera to 60 FPS. Samsung and HTC have already provided this feature in their last few smartphones.
iPhone’s new keyboard seems to be inspired by others such as Swype’s gestures, various Android third-party keyboards and Windows Phone’s world predictions.
Even its iPhone 5S fingerprint feature wasn’t anything new because Motorola added a fingerprint scanner in its Atrix smartphone back in 2011. Maybe, it had also inspired Apple to add this feature in iPhone 5S.
When we go back even more, Apple copied Android’s dropdown menu and notifications, WebOS’ multitasking menus and Windows Phone’s lockscreen-to-camera.
But that’s doesn’t mean Apple is the only super copycat. Others have copied from Apple too.
As the title of the blog itself says –In smartphone market all are copycats!” SO others have also copied from Apple. We saw it clearly that Android UI  was inspired by iPhone. Samsung copied most of the external details of iPhone in its Galaxy S smartphone. Same goes for the software-side things and in result we saw Apple sued Samsung.
Samsung included fingerprint scanner in its Galaxy 5S smartphone after Apple did that.
Sony copied the camera refocusing technologies from Nokia. Sony’s Xperia Z1, Z2, and Z3 copy the camera refocusing technologies invented by Nokia.
Even if they are copycats, they amuse us all the ways.
Mobile companies keep copying one another but at user-end, they introduce such mobile phone features that are not restricted to a particular brand or price-range. Even low-budget phone have features of well-know handsets.
So the growth of whole mobile industry is the result of copycat-business. Here, companies copy each other to create something new. We enjoy it!

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