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For me, my smartphone is my world! First, it’s my PC. It’s then my entertainment-box, utility tool station, mailbox, social streamer, and document writer, editor & storage. Sometimes, it turns out be a navigator, and in many events or occasions, it has a quality  camera for capturing photos and recording videos. So, I can use my smartphone in a variety of ways. But more than this, my smartphone is a shopping assistance too. It helps me shop whatever I want.
With my smartphone, I can have best of the shopping deals just in a few taps. A smartphone can make shopping much easier with its other functions, and one of them is the ability of reading QR code. Yes, the camera of a smartphone, with help of an application, can read QR codes that shopping stores can use in delivering a convenient shopping experience to their customers.
Shopping can hardly be an exciting experience when it comes to purchasing grocery stuffs. To not have sufficient time does also turn out to be a reason so that many people are not able to visit grocery stores and shop daily stuffs they need in their homes. But QR code can be great help in this case. Tesco recently showed that how QR code can simplify shopping particularly for those who do not have enough time to visit stores. The British Multinational company installed virtual stores in subways. The virtual stores are in fact posters with printed grocery stuffs; from fruits to vegetable, to soft drink, to dairy products, to meat-products. Each product has unique QR code which can be scanned via a dedicated application. By scanning these codes, subway commuters can place order to Tesco and pay the amount online. Products are then delivered to customers’ homes.
Above given is an example how QR code makes shopping simpler. QR code can help customers quickly get product information. QR code can store a variety of information such as product manufacturing data, rates of product, company information, etc.
QR code can turn out to be an instant way of claiming discounts, promotional offers and gift products. Let me refer you another example. Mountain Dew recently used QR code for promotional offer campaign. The company printed QR code on drink-cup. The code can be scanned by users through their mobile camera and an application, and then they were redirected to downloaded free music. More than 200,000 songs were downloaded through this promotional campaign.
There may be tens of other examples of using QR codes in shopping and marketing products.
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