Smartphone users prefer apps over mobile web

App Vs WebApps have captured the imagination of lots of smartphone users. They now prefer to spend more time on apps than mobile web. Nielsen recently released a report showing how smartphone owners are getting fascinated by apps and their abilities of being personalized.  Mobile market is shifting towards smartphone-only environment and the apps are the ones that have made smartphones so popular among users.  Now more and more people do not mind to rely on apps for most web services that they can access with the swipe of a finger.
Nielsen findings further show that Android and iOS have now more than doubled their user-ship from last year. Last year about 38 million users were using the smartphones powered by Android and iOS but now the statistic has reached a figure of 84 million users this year. And those Android and iOS users now account for 88% of those who have downloaded an app in the past 30 days. The average apps per smartphone have also increased from 32 apps to 41 apps.
Companies are discovering benefits of releasing their business apps which allow users to use various services through apps instead of browsers.  The trend also shows that mobile users are spending more time on apps to access particular services in place of accessing the same service using mobile web.
Some areas are still intact, though. The top five apps used by smartphone users are Facebook, YouTube, Google Play App Store, Google Search and Gmail.   Users are still spending approximately the same time this year (roughly 39 minutes a day, 2012) when compared to last year (roughly 37 minutes a day, 2011). This shows that growing number of people are interested in using apps (native apps) for accessing various services rather than using the mobile web.

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