Some Confirmed Features of iPhone 6, iOS 8

The speculations about new iPhone and the iOS 8 are getting exclusive day by day; however, no official release-dates have been announced by Apple so far. Analysts, news agencies, bloggers and fans are trying to give a good insights of what new iOS 8 powered devices may feature in.
It was clear through the speech of Tim Cook during the Worldwide Developer Conference that Apple is trying to open the iOS 8, and making it more accessible for iPad and iPhone application developer.

Apart from tens of rumors, what seem to be real as based on the Apple’s announcements, the new version of iOS will feature Predictive Keyboard, Health app and Messaging tweaks. iPhone 6 will too feature a number of new things that may again make it a revolutionary device.
MacRumors has informed that the features expected by people in iOS 8 are Time-lapse mode, Grayscale mode, WiFI calling mode, and Messaging enhancements. Other important features that can certainly guarantee great excitements among iOS device users and iPhone app developer include following:

Randomized MAC addresses

If this feature is included in the iOS, it will be difficult for companies to interfere through it. With randomized MAC address, it is going to be harder for third parties to collect location data from devices. Because this feature allocate a unique address to individual device, there is no way to detect location of it. Companies cannot also gather location data from WiFi connections. Randomized MAC address will not also be device’s real MAC address.

Safari Credit Card Scanning

Now the new framework will provide the features of Safari Credit scanning too. So instead of inputting credit card number during online purchases, users will be able to scan their credit cards using the new iPhone running on iOS 8.

Indoor Mapping

With new iOS 8, it is going to be possible to create indoor position systems. Apple announced that M7 processor and iPhone’s motion sensors in CoralLocation API will let people create maps for indoors. This feature can help people in mapping floor number or other points of internets.
Reports say that Apple will release iPhone 6 in September this year. Let us see whether the company is going to put these features in iOS 8 or not.
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