How The Sports Industry Is Experiencing Revolution Because Of AR technology

We have seen tons of examples of AR based video games. People really enjoy them. But can this technology be applied to real sports & games? Well, it’s now possible. Software developers around the world are now conceptualizing the AR-based tools and solutions helping athletes and the sport industry do better. Also, AR technology based apps, tools, and solutions fill sports with more entertainment and deliver players with the jaw-dropping experience.

Mentioned here are some areas where AI can be applied to sports.

AR for Sports Stadium

It’s really adventurous to watch a cricket match or football at a stadium itself. Without any doubt, watching sports live at a stadium makes us a part of the mass audience cheering up, hanging-out with friends for a whole day, and supporting the team and capturing great memories.

But on the flip side, watching a match live at a stadium will not let you catch all those small details that you can see on a television. Many people who have been a stadium and watched live matches have experienced this issue.

The issue can be smartly resolved with the help of AR technology. Developers can design such apps that allow the audience to have virtual details overlaid on the real time footage. The audience can even interact with virtual objects just like they do in a video game.

AR For Sports Broadcasting

Augmented Reality can double the fun of watching the live telecasts of sports. In fact, sitting at home and watching sports live is actually an enhanced version of the live feed and broadcasters have been applying the AR technology from the last couple of years. See this –

Augmented realty can be applied to deliver more interactive live video feed enhanced with realistic 2D and 3D graphics or animations. Depending on the requirement, there can be lots of things that can be done when merging AR with live footage.

AR for Sports Training

The training is the hardest part of sportsmanship. Athletes have to stay focused on the training portion to stay fit and active. Their health and performance affect their training quite evidently. Also, training let’s them learn new skills and strengths so that they can deliver their best while competing.

With AR technology, the training can become more convenient as an athlete will have a lot of data, graphs, information, and even video right into the live video of the training his or her training session. This will remove the dependency of athletes on other sources as the whole package information can be made available to them on their own mobile devices or a gadget like Google Glass.

AR for Sports Marketing

There is a big industry behind every sport event taking place. There are businesses in the industry which eagerly wait for these events to target a large number of audiences to push their advertisements and marketing campaigns.

The AR technology can help in this scenario to keep the audience hooked up with ads and generate more sales opportunities. The technology suits this cause quite perfectly due to its interactive and engaging nature.

AR for Techno Sports

Augmented reality can make possible such sports possible in which players have super-hero like powers. A Japanese startup Meleap Inc has done it with its AR sport dubbed as HADO. It’s a new form of sport based on augmented reality. The best part of this sport is the players have to do a lot of physical movement to defend themselves from opponents’ attack.

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