It’s surprising! Android Wear might be supported by iOS.

Rumors are floating around mobile world that iOS might support Android Wear. A report came from The Verge says that Google is soon going to finish up final technical details that can allow Android powered wearables working with Apple’s phones.


The whole mobile world is looking towards this rumor surprisingly and if it really happens, it would be one of its kind unions between two rivals of mobile world – Apple and Google. Google on Apple On other hand, for many experts Android Wear’s support for iOS isn’t a surprise at all as Google is already maintaining an extensive library of Google branded iPad and iPhone apps such as Maps, Chrome, Gmail, Hangout, YouTube, Google+, Drive, Google Play Books, and Google Play Music. The company is serious enough towards iOS device users who want to live in the world of Google despite using iPhone and iPad devices. So Google already has a strong presence on iOS powered devices for so long. It’s a grand scheme of Google. It seems to be an intelligent plan of Google to run its Android software on Apple hardware. Also, Android Wear watches are much like an extension of phones rather than Apple Watches which are a computer onto themselves. Also, Google would not need any sort of privileged access to let Android Wear watches be supported by iOS. Thanks to iOS 8 which already has several API hooks that can allow the Wear powered watched to grab notifications, reply to Gmail messages even with using voice. Wear Watches can also support Google Now’s ambient information cards, voice search and other voice actions on iPhone. Putting it a step ahead, the Wear can also support Google’s own apps installed in an iPhone. However, it’s less clear whether third party applications will be supported or not and how would they be hooked to Android Wear devices on iOS. What Apple can do? Of course Apple would not be happy with any move taken by Google. Also, it can reject the companion iPhone app that will connect Android Wear to iPhone. We may assume it will be known as Android Wear but as Apple’s App Store Guidelines says – “Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected”. So we can expect that even if Apple approval such app, adding “Android in the name or description would not accepted. Let’s see what future unfolds for us.

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