Symbian: A Mobile Platform That Cannot Be Ignored

With emergence of new mobile platforms like iOS and Android, organizations have forgotten about Symbian without realizing the fact that it is still the most popular and dominating platform in maximum parts of the world, referring to present market penetration statistics. Organizations exploring other mobile platforms would be amazed to know that recently Nokia’s Ovi store recorded 7.62 million downloads in a single day which reflects that Symbian applications are still popular.
According to a US based research company Forrester, the daily download varies on a day to day basis with average daily download rate now will be over 7 million. As a result of which there will be around 3 billion downloads in a year.

Download Growth for the last couple of years

Also Gartner’s latest study revealed that although Nokia’s Symbian has lost its first position, however with its deal with Microsoft, Nokia is set to give its competition a tough fight.
After looking at these records it is safe to say that Symbian application development still rules the mobile app market. It is expected that Symbian application download will be around 560 million for the coming three months. With present market penetration symbian app development is very attractive preposition for targeting the Mass audiences

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