TABLETS: A boon for the Retail Industry

Companies are now marking their presence on the mobile as well apart from having a website and are deriving profits from it but with the introduction of tablets the brick and mortar businesses have also seen a hike in their sales & profits. Users can now log onto e-commerce portals on the go through their tablets. This has helped such companies to broaden their boundaries. Online retail business has become popular because of tablets and tabs have become an important tool when it comes to promoting an online business, especially when research findings claim that by 2014 one third American internet users will have tablet devices and more than half of them will only prefer these devices for shopping. The report may not be discouraging for those retailers who have already pointed out the advantages of including tablets in their business.
In Rio de Janeiro, the ‘Gas Station of the Future’, has made good use of a tablet. Here at the station, a Cisco Cius tablet has been installed which connects the customers to the specialists to provide them information on maintenance offered by station. It lets people know addresses across the city too.
‘Saturdays Surf’ in New York City has found iPad a useful tool to show products to their customers. It also allows the user to buy products as well. The store found this method useful in many ways and the most useful was to free people from long checkout lines. has recently conducted a survey on retail stores. The findings were really surprising; at least for retailers. It was found that 31 percent retailers have plans to enable tablet based retailing this year. 22 percent are in implementing phase while 6 percent have already successfully deployed a tab based retailing environment in their stores. Gucci & JC Penny, Puma, Sears, Converse and Burberry are also testing tablet based retail environments in their stores.
Likewise, more and more retailers are showing their interest to upgrade their stores powered by tablet based retail environments. Tablets have indeed changed the face of retail market. Maybe, the time has come to upgrade your e-commerce store as well….

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