Go businesses go, grow with Android apps.

Despite Google Play app store is already flooding with more than a millions of apps; the scope in Android app development hasn’t ended so far. Mobile app developers have learned to survive with creating latest Android app-products.

Some businesses hire Android developers for their app ideas while others are themselves …

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The way to mobile application development

Your smartphone has sleek, shining body, highly responsive touch-screen, smoother navigation and simplest core-software, but they are not enough to make it a real smartphone. A smartphone can hardly sell itself as a smartphone if it doesn’t have sufficient applications. Take the example of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS powered …

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Time to Say NO to Wallet Manufacturers

Android application developers have come-up with such android applications which will enable Smartphone customers to enjoy purchases from mobile phone. Smartphone users have the option to go online with online stores, search the right product and make payments for easy delivery.
PayPal, Google Wallet and other Companies are coordinating the …

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Is Android perfect platform for mobile software?

Can Linux-based phone go mainstream? Yes, we are talking about open source platform of Android OS. Google’s Android is the first Linux-based software for mobile devices. Some people say, Android can be the killer of any smartphone. Others say, it is just another failed attempt at taking Linux mainstream on …

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Android is a blaster hit!

It is NDK instead of SDK in Android Operating System. Yes, Google has recently released this Native Development Kit, version 1.6. It is an adjunct to the concerned Software Development Kit, to enable developers to generate and execute native machines within application solutions.

As Android is an open source operating …

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