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The Android smartphone you used to love is now deadly slow. Once it was fast like a rocket but now it kills you. Whatever you want to do in your phone, the response is slow and every day, it’s getting slower.  It seems that the phone is dying with some kind of slow poison. If [...]

Many Android smartphone users complain that battery in their devices ends before the end of day. This of course turns them off because, no battery, no use of smartphone features. There are complains even for branded smartphones. So what exactly drains the battery of your Android smartphone? Let us try to discover ways to avoid [...]

In the New Year, Acer, the Taiwanese multinational hardware and Electronics Corporation has plans to launch a $99, Android powered tablet. They may do this in the beginning of the year 2013. The news came from the anonymous source for the Wall Street Journal. It may be a 7-inch device that will run on Android [...]

The mobile game Kingdoms at War is now equally popular on both iOS powered devices and Android powered devices. However, the developer of this game says that the iOS version earns more than double the money than the Android version. Many developers consider Android as a weak contender to earn high revenue for their works. [...]

Everybody knows that Nokia, for now, is a struggling brand as it hasn’t found its way to a successful comeback in the global smart phone arena. It partnered with Microsoft and used Windows Phone 7 and is now using Windows Phone 8 to get back its lost charm. However, no Windows Phone powered Nokia’s device [...]

Some users want to download all the Android apps even if these are available on third party app stores. However, they should also accept this fact that many of such apps come with malicious code that can stake the security of their devices. But this will not happen anymore as Android’s version 4.2 offers a [...]

Google was supposed to announce the new version of Android Jelly bean on October 29, but the hurricane Sandy made it to cancel the event. However Google has announced it through a press release in place of the live event. The OS will soon be available under the slogan of “A new Flavor of Jelly [...]

Google said that now Google Play too has more than 0.7 million apps for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. That means one thing—Google has matched Apple in the number of apps. It is challenging that it’ll soon lead in the race for software tools. So far the app-number was a key selling point Apple has been [...]

Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany, and Philipps University of Marburg, Germany have released a report revealing that Android apps have staked the private information of as many as 185 million users. Their personal data or information is at risk because they are using Android apps. The report directly blames Android developers for poorly implementing Secure [...]

Who is behind the grand success of the Google Android OS? Is it Google itself, or the credit should go to other parties, e.g. Samsung? Many believe Samsung is the real force driving Android towards success. Is it true? The new reports make us believe that Android succeeded because of Samsung. And Google will hardly [...]