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Many Apple investors feared in early January this year when Chitika Ad Network published a chart about iPad’s share of tablet web traffic. The chart showed that in North America, the web traffic of the tablet dropped 7.14% in the days after Christmas because people gifted Amazon Kindle Fires and Samsung Galaxy tabs. Does it [...]

Folks at DigiTimes say that Apple’s low cost iPhone could be outfitted with plastic chassis. So, Apple would not use usual glass or metal body if it launches iPhone for low budget-customer segment. The use of plastic body will help company cuts the cost in making cheaper iPhone, according to Taiwan-based DigiTimes’ unnamed supply chain [...]

iPhone 5 is gradually getting its place. A massive influx of people is showing their interest to own the new iPhone while the existing owners of the previous model iPhone 4S and some others are able to upgrade their devices to iOS 6. Users are happy as they have new devices and/or OS to do [...]

After tons of rumors, Apple finally unveiled iPad min on Wednesday this week. It’s a fresh series of Apple devices with separate existence, and of course for a separate user-group. The new iPad mini is 23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter than the third generation iPad. Featuring stunning 7.9-inch multi-touch display, the iPad mini [...]

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone on 12 September. Powered by iOS 6, iPhone 5 features a range of services together with Apple’s own mapping and built-in Facebook apps. iOS 6 has been released with more than 200 new features, although some won’t be available on all i-devices. The company will soon release free iOS 6 [...]

Google cleared its stand on Apple-Samsung patent verdict. The search giant cleared that most of the claims by Apple do not relate to the Android OS used in the Samsung mobile devices. However, Google has responded to jury that Samsung infringed Apple Patents, but Android cannot be linked to these infringements. Android is an open [...]

Apple hasn’t revealed a release date of iOS 6. However, iOS 6 Beta 4 has arrived last week and the official version is expected to come in later September or early October. iOS 6 is an evolutionary mobile OS ever. It focuses on improving the existing features and integrated cloud services. Among various changes, Apple [...]

The statistic for growing number of mobile gaming is really bizarre. In the U.S. alone, mobile gaming has grown up to 29.5% from the past year. The most amazing fact about mobile gaming is that the number of paying customers is also increasing. But here is bad news that can hurt Android users. All the [...]

Ohh, Yes! These two titans of the smartphones industry are getting ready for a battle. Once again, an epic battle is about to start. People have always asked about which mobile system has the more advanced users. Before searching for the valid answer, we would like to ask what makes the smartphone platforms so popular? [...]