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A debate is firing up among most of the reviewers, non-reviewers and tech-pundits in the Apple’s world: is iPad Mini better than the regular iPad? They are at variance with one another to establish their points for their favorite i-device. In spite of all accords and disaccords, they can come to a single point—the iPad [...]

Everybody knows that Nokia, for now, is a struggling brand as it hasn’t found its way to a successful comeback in the global smart phone arena. It partnered with Microsoft and used Windows Phone 7 and is now using Windows Phone 8 to get back its lost charm. However, no Windows Phone powered Nokia’s device [...]

Apple hasn’t revealed a release date of iOS 6. However, iOS 6 Beta 4 has arrived last week and the official version is expected to come in later September or early October. iOS 6 is an evolutionary mobile OS ever. It focuses on improving the existing features and integrated cloud services. Among various changes, Apple [...]

If survey’s results from Appcelerator are believed, iOS is getting more response than Google for enterprise mobile application development. In a recently conducted survey, several developers were asked that which operating system is getting best move in enterprise app segment. Fifty three percent of respondents said that iOS has acquired preference for business and enterprises [...]

With the launch of Apple 4S instead of Apple 5, the CEO also announced the date for the release of iCloud that would enable the iOS users to share and store the content like music files, data files etc over the web connected data centers which are commonly known as cloud. Users will be able [...]