Search App for iPad by Google

Google Search iPad App

Google has come up with a search application especially for iPad so that they can allure the users and encourage them search anything via their services rather than using the device’s native search application tool Safari. Apparently Google has added many new and interesting features for the iPad users so …

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iPad – Understanding the development process

iPad evolutes only recently and need a strategic understanding of the technology to develop compatible and useful iPad applications.
Newspapers are rolling-out exclusive pages to promote reading news on iPad. Though standard software has also evolved to develop iPad websites but there exists diversity in how to develop apps and …

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Does iPads outsell Macs?

Apple sold 1 million iPad on its launch date. And 12 million apps and 1.5 million eBooks apps have been so far downloaded by buff iPhone users. In less than 60 days since its launch on 3rd April, 2010, Apple has sold 2 million iPads. Now it is available …

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Is the iPad what consumers are looking for?

iPad Application Development

It is true that professionals are certainly looking for a portable touch-screen computer. The Netbook was so far the best device among all consuming digital media. Next came Apple’s iPad to spell the death of Netbook, some people say. But in others concern, Apple’s iPad isn’t quite what the users …

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