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A debate is firing up among most of the reviewers, non-reviewers and tech-pundits in the Apple’s world: is iPad Mini better than the regular iPad? They are at variance with one another to establish their points for their favorite i-device. In spite of all accords and disaccords, they can come to a single point—the iPad [...]

After tons of rumors, Apple finally unveiled iPad min on Wednesday this week. It’s a fresh series of Apple devices with separate existence, and of course for a separate user-group. The new iPad mini is 23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter than the third generation iPad. Featuring stunning 7.9-inch multi-touch display, the iPad mini [...]

Is there really an iPad Mini, or it’s all a rumor? There are tons of rumors floating around the mobile world. They make us believe that a mini iPad would be launched in October. But rumors are rumors, and these are there since 2009. So, there is no official announcement, or press meeting has been [...]

iPad Mini is still a rumor, but if Apple launches a device like this, it will kill Google Nexus 7. How? Here’s how: More Digital content —Apple already has more things to offer in comparison of Google. iTunes is gigantic and it offers more digital content. Apple’s TV offers more than half dozen leading channels [...]