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Many Apple investors feared in early January this year when Chitika Ad Network published a chart about iPad’s share of tablet web traffic. The chart showed that in North America, the web traffic of the tablet dropped 7.14% in the days after Christmas because people gifted Amazon Kindle Fires and Samsung Galaxy tabs. Does it [...]

A debate is firing up among most of the reviewers, non-reviewers and tech-pundits in the Apple’s world: is iPad Mini better than the regular iPad? They are at variance with one another to establish their points for their favorite i-device. In spite of all accords and disaccords, they can come to a single point—the iPad [...]

We will soon see a tough fight between iPad and Windows 8 tablets. There may be a competition between both to carve their niches in the global market, and of course one will win, and other has to lose. But hold, can this seriously happen? It comes out after a close observation that these are [...]

Is there really an iPad Mini, or it’s all a rumor? There are tons of rumors floating around the mobile world. They make us believe that a mini iPad would be launched in October. But rumors are rumors, and these are there since 2009. So, there is no official announcement, or press meeting has been [...]

Mozilla is planning to bring Firefox to iPad. The company recently showed off a prototype of iPad Mozilla browser named Junior. Although, Junior won’t be the first browser for iPad as lots of others – iCab Mobile, Dolphin, Mercury, Opera Mini, are already available, but it is likely to be the first one with a [...]

Tablet, which is in between a Smartphone and computer, is becoming popular among the consumers and this popularity is expected to increase its sale by 98 percent this year. Latest findings by research firm Gartner shows that tablet sales will reach 118.9 million units this year. If this happens, it will be 29 percent higher [...]

When cats and dogs viral walk with iPad have become crap in recent day, we found a really touching story of a 100 year old woman. We saw an iPad has changed the life of a 100 year old woman. It is really story of Virgina Cambell of Lake Oswego, Oregon. By nature she is [...]