The innovations that iPhone introduced


Today we have apps for almost all computing purposes we can think about. Even for the requirement of fun and entertainment, we have hundreds of thousands of apps.
There are different types of smartphones available in market. Among all of them, iPhone has always been wining respect and love globally. …

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There is a debate over Flash!


A Flash-free future? Yes, people are predicting the death of Flash since Apple banned that from its all Gadgets one by one. We have heard about the story of long relationship between Apple and Adobe. But now we find Apple-Adobe feud for last few weeks regarding Apple’s decision. And it …

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Is the iPad what consumers are looking for?

iPad Application Development

It is true that professionals are certainly looking for a portable touch-screen computer. The Netbook was so far the best device among all consuming digital media. Next came Apple’s iPad to spell the death of Netbook, some people say. But in others concern, Apple’s iPad isn’t quite what the users …

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