Hiring iPhone developer is a crucial decision.

iPhone is still the trendiest phone and so is the demand of iPhone developer. The smartphone, iPhone is used by millions of people around the world and even if there have been many fluctuations in iPhone market over the years; a steady growth is clearly visible.

The market of iPhone …

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Features an iPhone m-Commerce app should have.

iPhone users do love online shopping. From online gaming console to curtains for living room, they just want to buy all they need online. Even if iPhone’s market has shrunk because of the free, open-source Android, but in terms of making money from apps, iPhone platforms is still the best …

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Print to iPad will come

Lately Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs commented on iPad printing, although his comment rarely contains more than a few words. He replied to an e-mail that it (printing to iPad) will come.

Since Apple’s iPad has launched, part of the experts thought that iPad release might be a huge failure …

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