How to do these things in iPhone?

The following ones are not any tips or tricks but they are always there in your iPhone. You just haven’t used them so far.

How to quickly shut off the flashlight?

There is a flashlight-access included in iOS’s control center. You can quickly shut off an active flash light using …

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Benefits of Iphone application development

iPhone has evolved from first iPhone to recently launched iPhone 5. With the 6 generations of iPhone operating system, iPhone has won the heart of its users by bringing surprises every day. This is supported by iPhone applications that make its users to stick to the phone to the longer …

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The absence of iPhone’s NFC may hurt banks

Technologies don’t easily carve their place among people. They take time. Credit card and debit card payment technologies, for example, took almost two decades to become globally ubiquitous. They became popular because banks wanted to make them popular, but how a technology like NFC will be accepted globally if the …

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Go Green with iPhone Gardening Apps

Imagine if your iPhone could help you in gardening! Imagine no more.  iTunes is the ocean of apps and I have tried to sift this ocean for the top 5 free apps for improving your gardening skills. Here are those apps:
Garden Lite
One word to depict this app is–awesome. …

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Android and Apple are sitting in a tree!

Ohh, Yes! These two titans of the smartphones industry are getting ready for a battle. Once again, an epic battle is about to start.
People have always asked about which mobile system has the more advanced users. Before searching for the valid answer, we would like to ask what makes …

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