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It’s hard to attempt to list the types of social networking applications; still, we can at least count a few of them. But before this, do we know it clearly that what social networking is all about? Let me help you in explaining social networking applications. Social networking is all about communicating formally with other [...]

It matters that who is mobilizing your enterprise app. We shared that how a mobile application developer is responsible for making a project successful or unsuccessful. Explore more… Is your iPhone 5S getting slower? Here are ways to make it run faster. We informed our audience how an iPhone device can be sped up. And [...]

What is still holding some companies back to go mobile while a number of others already have dedicated applications for their business operations, and they are performing well too? So where is the problem area and what isn’t let companies go for mobile application development. Well, Rapidsoft Technologies has analyzed some factors that hold companies [...]

Every mobile application development company offers quick ways to mobilize existing enterprise apps and of course, it’s noticed by industries too. But it isn’t significant that mobile developers are offering best of the app development service-ranges – as said by them – to transform desktop based enterprise applications for mobile platforms. What matters is who’s [...]

Mobile commerce is now a part of our life. People do really shop using mobile phones and dedicated apps.  Rising adoption gives mobile application developers an opportunity to come with more innovative m-commerce applications. On Black Friday last year, sales made through smartphones was estimated more than 20% of the US e-commerce spending. Traffic from [...]

Mobile application development technology has gone beyond one’s imagination. It is now matured enough to serve the areas which are totally different from each other. From science to medical, to shopping, to art, mobile apps can be created for almost all the purposes. How about reading poems and poetries in mobile phone? Yes, mobile developers [...]

Mobile application development is the latest IT buzz. Almost all businesses, whether they are online or offline, want to go mobile with dedicated smartphone app development. But, creating an application successfully does not always mean that the app can be marketed or advertised successfully too, particularly when most of the developers have expressed dissatisfaction with the [...]

There are unbelievable things taking place in the world of mobile application development. Developers, with their creativity and vision, are finding ways to implement mobile app development technology wherever they see scope for it. And there is nothing wrong in this. Smartphones and apps are such powerful that they can handle a variety of computing [...]

App stores of both Android and iOS are nearly flooding. Together they have more than 2.27 million apps for smartphones and tablet devices, but not all of them are performing well. Many of them have been striving even for a respectful number of downloads since their launch. Even if developers have spent weeks or months in [...]

One can hardly establish a direct connection between satellite and detecting metal or saving rain-forest, but with smartphones, this is possible too. A smartphone, and with dedicated mobile application development, it’s not difficult to put today’s mobile technology in the center of everything. And thus it’s true that a smartphone can power satellites, become mobile [...]