After eight years of work, HTML5 is now ready

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been working on HTML5 standard for almost a decade and now, it’s all ready. With this finalized web standard, it will now be possible to design webs to be fully compatible with modern age mobile devices and cloud-based applications.
The next generation of …

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How do mobile apps help restaurants?

Many restaurants have realized the importance of owning a mobile application. Now they have discovered that old marketing methods are turning out to be irrelevant in the current market scenario where more online buying-selling activities are being processed through smartphones and tablets.
The forward-looking thinking is the precondition in any …

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Let's have look on today's features of mobile apps

We didn’t have smartphones in the past. All we had WAP supported phones that could also play snake-like games. These phones didn’t even present enough scopes for applications because they were lacking in hardware, processing power and graphics, particularly for supporting business and gaming apps. Mobile application development wasn’t the …

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Hey developers, go with a new mobile application development approach

For businesses, a mobile application development system is demand of time, but that doesn’t mean any mobility implementation approach will work. It’s time mobile app developers should rethink before realizing an app idea into reality. Medium-small businesses, which haven’t gone mobile, need to concentrate more on going online through a …

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Enterprise mobility is spoiled this way.

Many developers aren’t aware of wrongdoings that damage an enterprise mobile application development. Concluding an app development isn’t enough; particularly if you haven’t concentrated on following things:

Do not considering about customer viewpoint in your mind 

It is surprising but true that the most mobile app developers design apps without …

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How to make an engaging app?

With every new app idea, mobile app developers face new challenge. Some are resolved with traditional solutions whereas others are case-specific. Most of the mobile apps are being built for two most popular platforms, Android and iOS. There are hundreds of thousands of apps on the online stores of these …

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