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It’s hard to attempt to list the types of social networking applications; still, we can at least count a few of them. But before this, do we know it clearly that what social networking is all about? Let me help you in explaining social networking applications. Social networking is all about communicating formally with other [...]

Companies are nowadays not in rush to have mobile apps. The craze appears to be over.  Apps keep coming and going, and only a few of them become popular. Many companies have got built apps for an event, marketing program, or business process, but not all of them are successful. So what is wrong? Is [...]

The big question mobile developers are asking from one another is–what makes a good app? It is seriously a big question; however, many developers begin and end-up their mobile application development projects without knowing the answer. But unlike many questions, this one has got very precise answers. Here they are! Many developers mean creativity as [...]

Innovation is a never ending process.  It is innovation that lets the world meet with new technologies to be used for new requirements. One very fresh technology is 3D graphics, particularly on televisions and mobile phones. In last few years, with its introduction in movies and movie theaters, 3D technology has started to catch the [...]