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Mobile apps are creating a new dynamics in retailing industry. Retail industry in order to grow , exceed profitability and expand the business has to take steps that are in line with the latest IT trends .Now a days, consumer s don’t like to visit many shops to select their desirable product but what they [...]

Companies are nowadays not in rush to have mobile apps. The craze appears to be over.  Apps keep coming and going, and only a few of them become popular. Many companies have got built apps for an event, marketing program, or business process, but not all of them are successful. So what is wrong? Is [...]

What are the common difficulties when you visit a new city? You may lose ways, require sustenance, want inspiration or need an idea to explore places. In case you are visiting London and have a smartphone, you will have lots of options for each of the requirements. With right apps, a smart phone can turn [...]

Mobile app development is an exclusive area of business nowadays. There are millions of apps across all smartphone app stores, but not all of them are popular. The reason is simple—developers of unsuccessful apps miss numerous things during the development phase. They can consider following tips: Don’t overdo it- You need to keep your app [...]

Time for Olympics is here and so is the time for apps for the games. iPad and iPhone developers appear to be true entrepreneurs and their amazing minds want to leave no stone unturned. This time they have grabbed the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games as their opportunity. These developers have brought some apps on [...]

If you have great liking for poetry, you have another reason to have a smartphone. Yes, you can access poetry by using smartphone apps. These apps let you search and read plenty of poems for any event. Such applications also help you to take inspiration and write your own poem and share the same with [...]

Today it is valuable to have an app that helps in navigating roads and destinations. Automobile sector sees great scope in mobile based navigation apps because they do not only provide a complimentary feature increasing the sales of vehicles but at the user-end, navigation apps work as road-assistant serving the driver throughout a journey. This [...]

Mobile application development process is all about developing a software / program for mobile device, especially smartphone. There may be a range of business and corporate communities for which different mobile applications can be developed. The process involves two sorts of mobile application developments – inbuilt development and custom development. An inbuilt app comes preinstalled [...]

Android users can now download Kindle App for reading e-Books on their devices. The Kindle Store currently contains more than 620,000 books. Like the other Kindle mobile apps, Kindle for Android can save and sync the books and can bookmark across all the devices Kindle app is now available on other leading smart devices such [...]

Have you ever seen advertisement of mobile apps? Now Apps are everywhere; be it newspaper, TV or billboard. Wherever you go in USA, UK, you can find advertisements of mobile apps in newspaper, TV, billboard and hoarding on your way. Sometime we found soap-opera storyline to advertise any mobile app that obviously has got the [...]