The best fitness Apps for iPhone

Are you looking for an app that helps you keep track of your health & fitness? Well, a wide range of such applications are already out in the market; some are paid while many are absolutely free. Today, I am going to give you a brief exposure to 4 most popular smartphone applications, providing complete virtual personal training and tip to keep you healthy & fit. All you need t is an iPhone to run and use these apps.
You can now forget the need of attending costlier fitness classes and instructions, which one often tends to miss because of “tight schedules”… Time to get happy as these fitness instructions are also available on your iPhone. Just open an application and get ready workout.
If you’ve already tried hard to lose weight, gone for different “weight loss program” but nothing worked, then here is good news for you! Weight Watchers Mobile is a 3Star application, available on iPhone App Store. It’s a free-to-download iPhone app for fitness and health with a variety of features. The latest version has a latest feature, showcasing daily recipes, out of which 10 can be saved as favorites. You can also create shopping lists from the recipes. This app allows you to prepare a smarter food choice with interactive cheat sheets. A number of success stories are also updated and you can also find weight loss tips and read helpful articles. One can also discover if there are any weight watchers meeting in the area. This iPhone app also lets you get connected with weight watchers community, and to update your profile and photos.
Another most popularly downloaded mobile application for weight loss is Lose It.  It is a 4Star application, with very simple, catchy and easy interface. The application provides complete database of foods and various activities, tracks nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat, etc. It does setup recipes for more complicated foods. It can also provide email support and print detailed reports. It is free-to-download and use application with no ads. Working without network connection is its best feature.
Fitness Pro is simply the best free fitness app available on iPhone App Store. This single fitness app has features of popular fitness apps like daily mile, training peaks and a run keeper. It tracks your overall pace and pace per (a feature of run keeper) mile and allows you to listen to music too. Then, it has Manual Logs, a feature, also found in training peaks and daily mile. This app lets you manually enter your workouts and helps you in exploring a list of exercises’ categories by different areas of body like, chest, arms, and so on. This app also has feature to select a particular muscle group and then it tells the exercise that are effective for that area. If you still don’t know the way you have to exercise, there are a number of photos too. A range of routines are also available for various fitness levels like beginner, intermediate or advanced.
If you want to take up a relaxed workout, you can go through iYoga, a perfect app for yoga exercises, blending calming stretches with health-improving muscle sculpting. This iPhone app has got detailed pictures with soothing music. It also has three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so that you can add new and difficult exercises with improving skills. iYoga’s directory of basic yoga positions has got full instructional videos and text descriptions, and most of the positions can be viewed in three levels of difficulties.
The market is stuffed with hundreds of health and fitness apps that run on iPhone. The best thing about iPhone is its support to almost all sorts of applications, fetching the entire world in your smartphone. iPhone apps are easy to use and they deliver performance beyond expectations. Different domains such as finance, insurance, banking, gaming, news and entertainment are introducing more and more iPhone apps, which further attract users, and increase its market size too.
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