The best of the reasons behind the global popularity of Android

Beyond a personality enhancement add-on, smartphone is now a powerful PC in one’s pocket or palm. In past couple of years, smartphones have done what PCs took several decades for.
Today’s most adopted smartphone brand is Google’s Android. With 75-80 percent global market share, Android has proved itself as the true player in smartphone market.  Apple is the second most adopted brand with its iOS powered devices like iPhone and iPad.

In smartphone market Google had very slow start but now it’s the only king. So what made Android such popular? Here are some reasons;

It’s the product of Google, the search engine giant.

Google is already a well-settled company in the world of internet. It offers a wide range of products / services that are used by millions of people daily. We just cannot imagine a world without Google, can we? Because Android is Google’s product, it is a technically advanced OS, with best of the supports to web and other products of the company.

The mobile application development for Android

Google has provided the best of the tools and technologies that help developers building apps for Android platform. Google Play has more than 12, 00000 apps for Android powered devices and hundreds of more are added to the store on daily basis. These apps are downloaded by millions of users all over the world. Android application development technology is the rising trend in today’s mobile development market

The open source mobile OS

Consider the openness of Android as one of the most important features that has made it a globally popular OS. Openness of Android invited struggling mobile device manufacturers to adopt it and use as the core software of their mobile devices. Today, many of them are world’s leading mobile device manufacturers. The open-source Android OS can be obtained without paying a single dollar as fee. Tools, technologies and documentations for Android are too available free of cost. Even submitting the app on Google Play requires a small payment of $25 and then developers are ready to submit as many apps as they can do.

The user-friendly UI

A first-time Android user does not feel any sort of difficulty in navigating and exploring the OS. It is quite simple. You can also change a lot of features of Android with custom apps and ROMs.

Devices are available at affordable price

Because Android is an open-source and free OS, companies are able to bring down the prices of their mobile devices. With Android, smartphone mobility has turned out to be affordable. Can we imagine the same level of affordability with iOS powered devices? No, not all.

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