The bigger the iPhone, the more the work for iPhone developers to do in apps.

It’s now almost sure that Apple will increase the size of iPhone’s display and so the work for iPhone developers will be increased too. has referred a report from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. However, this report is also based on other reports indicating that Apple is increasing iPhone display size. Gurman, in his report, says that the real size of the display is still guesswork.

Some speculations say that even if Apple increases the screen size, the resolution will be as same as of iPhone 5s which is 1136X640. This approach would let iPhone application developers  relax because their current apps would be able to function normally on iPhone 6 without any rework or correction in the apps. However, other rumors say that if Apple keeps the screen resolution of iPhone 6 similar to iPhone 5s, it will fall below Steve Jobs definition of 300 pixels per inch in Retina display.
Other option is what Apple did with iPad Mini by shrinking pixels. The change was easier for developers to adopt because they  didn’t have to do a thing. All apps looked fine on mini iPad too.
But more rumors are suggesting that with changing the screen size, screen resolution will be changed to maintain standard of the Retina display and if it really happens, iPhone developers will have to do a lot of work in chancing their apps according to the resolution. But no change is expected in the aspect ratio which is currently exact the 16:9.
So what will developers to do with extra space? There is one more rumor that Apple is also working on the process of optimizing all graphics through the iOS itself. If it happens, it will not be surprise at all. 
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