The four stages of Web Application Development

Web development is an elaborate process. Web application developers mark different stages to conclude development process systematically.
Visualization: Achieving the goals become easier after visualizing the requirement. The Management team collects data to track-down the process and reach to a favorable conclusion. Visualization also includes scheduling the project, identify limitations, and upgrade the apps. This phase is like a mirror-focus where the processing and goal become crystal clear to team.
Planning: Planning-phase requires complete assessment resources as per the desired goal.  Planning involves assessment of technical skills and abilities of web developers. This stage determines the budget involved in building the website. Budget is determined on the basis of development of number of pages and client requirement. The cost of project includes processing cost, development cost. This stage determines the time period taken to develop the project. Time period is calculated based upon client specifications and resource available to complete the project.
Development: Development stage involves working on the project based upon Company guidelines. Programmers and developers work upon the project to establish various entities, the data variables, and methods of coding.
Stability: Developed Web application needs quality check for proper and continuous functioning of the application. Quality testers take special measures to test the validity of the app on the desired hand held device. Stability also involves removal of bugs and malicious content if any to prevent the failure of Web application.
Web application development is a huge process with total commitment to each stage to develop an app as per client specification.

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