The Google I/O 2014 Highlights

The latest Google I/O Conference 2014 held between 25 June and 26 June. Here are the major highlights of that summit.

  • Google launched the developer preview of  Android L. It’s the next version of Android; however, no one still knows that what “L” stands for. Rumors say it’s going to be Lollipop. Do you have name of any desert in our mind that begins with letter  “L”?

  • Google also showed off the Android Wear and some of its key features. It will be OS for smart watches.
  • They announced the Android Auto that will make your car into an extension of your phone. It’s an Android based platform for cars. This OS will power several gadgets and accessories for car so that driver can fully concentrate on driving. It’s a voice-enabled OS.

  • The company also revealed its next-gen ‘Material’ design language. Its look is rather similar to Windows and iOS
  • Announced by Google, the fit health data platform is going to be an answer to Apple’s health Kit and Samumng’s SAMI health platforms.
  • The Android TV debuted. It will be the next-gen Google TV.
  • Google announced that now it has more 1 billion active Android users for last 30 days.
  • It was announced that Android powered tablets now account for 62% global market share
  • The company also announced AndroidOne, which is going to be the next mobile platform for India and beyond. With this new OS, now low-end devices could also be powered by Android.
  • The Chromecast was showed off. The major feature is the capability of mirroring any images or videos from your phone to your TV set. YouTube videos could also be streamed with this new device.

  • Google announced that Chromebooks will be able to run Android apps in future.
  • It was also announced that Google Drive now serves to 190 million users.
  • Google Play Games recorded 100 million users over last 6 months.

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