The hybrid mobile application development, it's a functional method to fill the gap

Apps developers are keenly arguing about pros and cons of web mobile app development and native mobile app development. Giants like Google and Apple are already in combat zone for this reason but there are developers who have found third method of developing mobile apps. Developers have named it hybrid mobile application development. So what is this?
Well, it is nothing but the blend of both web app development technology and native app development technology. The app develops using both technologies thus the end-result has features of both too.
Why third method?
Native Apps are in use for so long. Almost all smartphone users have used native app. But, some developers found web based mobile apps very useful thus they advocated web app over native app. But soon, they discovered some major drawbacks in the apps purely based on web. They found that not all user uses high speed connection and for them using a web app on low data connection is a pain. The second drawback is related to publishing web apps. App stores have been made for native apps and there is no option to publish web apps. Then third method was found where a tiny app is published on app store that user can easily download. Some features of these apps are derived from its existence on user’s device while others from embedded web pages. It solves both problems and makes hybrid app development a useful method to build app.
Hybrid mobile application development fills the gap between both technologies. It lets developers add the best possible features with an app which was earlier not possible with a single technology. Users can download a hybrid app as native app and when he uses it, other features are downloaded from web. Many times, users do not know that the app they are using is based on hybrid method of mobile application development.

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