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Rapidsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd  is one of the leading mobile application development companies, which develops Android, Windows and iOS apps. Rapidsoft has been proving itself by providing world-class mobile app development services since 2006. We at Rapidsoft Technologies offer the most cost-effective team that has several years of expertise in designing and developing feature-rich apps.

Rapidsoft Technologies has the most intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy mobile app developers. With best of the app developers, and their in-depth knowledge on all major mobile platforms as well as frameworks, we assure to live up to the expectations of clients for their mobile app development projects. With more than 120 dedicated designers, developers, creative planners, and engineers, Rapidsoft Technologies is all-prepared to realize any sort of mobile app development idea.
As an experienced mobile application development company, we have been working on a variety of apps, from enterprise to e-commerce, to business, to entertainment, to educational, to video gaming apps, to mobile utility apps. Our mobile app developers have great experience in building performance oriented, critical, and productive apps that are based on cloud web services like iCloud, Azura, AWS, Dropbox, Content Delivery Networks and Amazon S3.
As a reliable mobile application development company, we have all the merits to become your partner for your iOS, Android and Windows app.
Rapidsoft Technologies, the Android Application Development Company, creates faultless apps that run across the Android ecosystem.
“Making use of Android’s best features to develop winning Android apps”
Rapidsoft is a renowned company to offer a full range of mobile app development services that covers Android app development too. Every app is starts from the scratch, with considering best of the uses of Android technologies, functions and features. We have capability to provide the desired level of customization with every Android App Development project.

The Android App Development Team

What sets us apart from others is our team. We have the best of the Android app designers in our team. Our Android app developers, with ahead of the time mobile app development experience, skills, creativity, and imagination have been concluding some of the most excellent Android app development projects for our clients. Together with their capability as well as capacity, our company has been successfully carving a special niche in global mobile software market. The Android Developers at Rapidsoft Technologies; they are the greatest lover of mobile technology and have contributed a lot to the Android’s world by designing, developing and deploying refined and  perfect apps.

Why Rapidsoft Technologies for Android Application Development

As a foremost app development company, Rapidsoft knows how to leverage Android technologies to conclude a difference-maker project. Our Android app designers have capacity and capabilities in creating advanced mobile products, services and solutions. Our range of Android app development services have been designed in a way that an app for Android platforms, passed through them, automatically turns out to be fully optimized in terms of power, performance and productivity.
Our Android app developers, with complete customization of an app, do also infuse Android’s DNA into your app. We never forget to go with fundamentals of software making and amalgamate them with the current requirements of clients or the ongoing market trends and adoption of technologies.

Rapidsoft Technologies, the difference maker.

Yes, we make a different when it comes to creating the right Android app development solutions. And it all happens in limited budget and in minimum time. We have structured the best of the pricing models that can influence all sorts of businesses, from large corporations to mid-sized enterprises, to small setups, to even nonprofits. With our almost a decade of proficiency, we have designed a dedicated app development process to build apps for Android. We apply a different approach for each of the steps of mobile software building, from concept designing to code development, to bug testing.
Rapidsoft Technologies has been one of early Android app development companies in the global mobile software market. We have been building apps for Android platforms since it was launched by Google and now after earning several years of experience and expertise, we can make any Android app idea realized. As a reputed Android app development company, we are always aimed at our client’s success, with our full range of mobile software development services.
Rapidsoft Technologies, the iPhone app development company, makes most out of iOS platform.
“Chummy, charming and cherished iPhone & iPad apps”
Even if iPhone’s market share is rather smaller than  Android, iPhone apps make most part of total app revenue. Rapidsoft Technologies as an iPhone application development company has been engaged in mobile market since the launch of iOS platform. We have built some most successful iPhone apps, from 2008 to current year. Rapidsoft has also worked with some of the biggest brands of their industries and created world-class iPhone apps for their businesses procedures. No other companies can be as reliable as Rapidsoft Technologies when it comes to iPhone app development.

Our Design & Development Process

The professional iPhone application development companies are those who can meet the result as desired by clients. With an innovating design, development process and advanced approaches, our apps are capable of delivering exactly the same they are made for.
Rapidsoft Technologies understands that iPhone application development isn’t an easier thing. It’s just not coding. It’s all about creativity. We have best of people who deeply understand iPhone platform and the App Store. They know what users want in an app and they offer the same. They know how to pack an app with excellent functionalities, performance, power and productivity.
Apart from iPhone apps, we are also known for iPad app development. We know how to reach audience through iPad platform. For every app development based on iOS platform, experts from every team sit together discuss the app concept, design, development and deployment in details.

The iPhone App Development Team

It’s true that we are leading iPhone Application Development Company but without our dedicated people, we could not reach to this height. Our team of iPhone developers scores hundreds out of 100 for quality and performance and perfection of a mobile app project. We have industry’s best of the experts and veterans in out iOS software team and we will never let them go. They are out real strength. They are out power. They are the soul of our iPhone application development team.

An iPhone Application Development Company Dedicated to You

As a professional iPhone app developer, our people are dedicated to offer our clients desired results. We have larges team of developers to meet client’s deadlines and implementing the app at the desired event. Also, we keep our clients updates in the entire loop the project progress and conclusion and as well as made available best of the modes of communicating with us 24×7

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