The Real World Examples Of Augmented Reality Mobile App Development

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The visible growth of the technology of Augmented Reality in recent years can easily be attributed to those apps that let people virtually interact with products and imagine what it might feel like to own a product or experience a service before they actually buy it. The AR technology available today has become more sophisticated and cost saving with their increasing use in business applications. It is also increasing the demand and investment in AR based technology. Tech titans are also contributing a lot in promoting AR technology. In 2017, Google launched ARCore for Android, and Apple released ARKit. They both are powerful tools for developers creating AR apps. As of the latest predictions, we will have close to a billion AR technology users by 2020; however, we already have lots of successful and real-world examples of the AR technology across different industries.

Briefly understanding AR technology

When we talk about AR, we talk about a technology that overlays information and virtual objects on real-world scenes in real time. Real-world scenes are actually the existing environment to which the artificial environment and information are added. Now, many developers are creating AR apps, which have opened up the technology to a broader audience. If you have been watching American football games since 1998, the portrayed down yellow line moving down the field is a classic example of the augmented reality technology.

Award-winning airport app

The Gatwick recently presented a creative example of AR technology. The passenger app using AR technology has already won a number of awards. With the help of more than 2,000 beacons throughout its two terminals, passengers can use the AR maps from their mobile phones to navigate through the airport. As the app matures, it might eventually help improve traffic flow in the airport.

IKEA Place, Dulux Visualiser, and Lowe’s help remodel

IKEA has set a pretty useful example of its AR app, IKEA Place, in the market. The app lets customers see furniture in their space before they actual buy it. The app lets them visualize real-sized furniture in any given space and help you avoid that predicament in the future. The app is based on Apple’s ARKit technology.

Dulux Visualiser is an AR app by Dulux that helps customers try out a shade of paint for their homes’ interior and exterior. All you have to do is that scan your room via your camera and virtually pain it with any color of the rainbow.

The Measure by Lowe’s app by Lowe’s is a virtual tape that can be used to measure inside and out. The app allows you to place 3D images of furnishing and accessories into your home and commercial space.

Sephora Virtual Artist and Rolex

The cosmetic company Sephora also set an example of AR technology when it allowed its customers to try different looks and eye, lips and cheek products as well as colors right on their own digital face. For Sephora, its app has turned out to be a solution to boost sales and to give customers a fun way to try new looks and make purchases.

Another company trying AR is Rolex. The company has created an AR solution that allows customers to virtually try Rolex watches right on their hands.

Augmented reality in healthcare

The healthcare domain has presented some pretty exciting applications based on augmented reality technology; from allowing medical students to train in AR environments to telemedicine options that enable medical professionals to interact with patients. In critical situations, augmented reality applications can deliver real-time information to the treatment to support diagnosis, surgery and treatment plans.

AR for fun

AR can also be used for fun or to engage customers. Bic DrawyBook app and teeth brushing games from Georgia-Pacific’s Dixie bran are some most popular examples on how AR can be used for fun and entertainment. Many gaming companies have designed their games around the AR technology. Pokémon Go is one great example presented a few years back.


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