The Speech Recognition Competition – Siri vs S Voice

The title simply means I am talking about iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3. Let me help you weigh up both speech recognition systems on the phones of titans – Apple and Samsung.
Level 1: Call Zack
Telling a phone-with-speech-recognition-system to call your friend Zack is surly not a big deal, at least in today’s world. But it can become difficult for a phone to handle the task (a command actually) if the contact I have chosen has many short distinct-sounding names. Let’s see what result was acquired through both S Voice and Siri.
S Voice – When I said call Zack, the S Voice’s reply was – “I didn’t catch that. Please try again.” But in second attempt it picked what I wanted the phone to do. Well done S Voice.
Siri – Siri instantly understood what I want the phone to do. It calls Zack with no delay. I was expecting that Siri will do that.
Winner is Siri
Level 2: What’s the weather like today?
I guess it should be a simple question for speech recognition systems.
S Voice – Once again, S Voice asked me to repeat the question. In second try, it got “what is the weather and missed “today”. I meant it didn’t understand my question. After several attempts it dispatched me the weather information for New York, not London.
Siri – When I tried the same on Siri, it informed me that in order to do this, I need to turn on location in the settings. When I attempted again “what’s the weather like today”, Siri returned in a moment with forecast. Excellent!
The winner of this level –Siri
Level 3: Do I need an umbrella today?
It is a twisted way to ask about the weather. Let’s see what happened.
S Voice – It failed once again and after lots of attempts, I gave up to ask about weather. Instead, it gave lots of irrelevant answers. It failed again… Sorry.
Siri – My first attempt foxes even to Siri that returns with answer- “Sorry, I can only look for businesses in the United States”, and when I used US English accent, in second attempt, it answered- “It sure looks like it will rain today.” Awesome!
Again the winner is Siri
Level 4: Update Twitter
I decided to make the game a little more interesting by using the speech recognition systems to update Twitter.
S Voice – The S3 grasped it in the first attempt what I said to it. I said – ‘testing S voice’ and it heard ‘testing voice’. Not that bad. It said me to activate another application and posted the tweet on Twitter. Well done S Voice.
Siri – When I Tried to do the same task using Siri, the answer was “I can’t send tweets for you. Sorry about that!”. Siri does not have permission to access third party apps like Twitter. Why, is Apple so narrow minded?
The winner at this stage is S Voice
Level 5: Find a good restaurant nearby
I asked both to suggest me a good restaurant nearby.
S Voice – What a simple inquiry it is! Even a child can grasp it, but why can’t S Voice do? Yet again, S Voice repeats of “I didn’t catch that. It’s really irritating now. I tried so many times to get relevant answers.
Siri – For now Siri just serves to business inquiries in United States so when I asked the same question to Siri, the straight answer was – “Sorry, I can only look for businesses in the United States… It’s okay Siri.
With remorse I say that none won this level
In the end the results reveal that winner of The Speech Recognition Competition is Siri as it won at three levels while S Voice won only one time.
So this level test declares that Siri is the winner over S Voice. Samsung needs to buck up and make the voice recognition system better.

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