The Top 4 Companies in Mobile Advertising

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In the age of digital marketing, use of mobile advertising has been outscoring the television and online advertisements. Mobile handsets or cellular phones have now evolved into their smarter versions and are almost available to all. You will find people spending more time on their mobile devices than the desktops, laptops or television sets. Hence taking the advantage of the situation, brands with all their marketing strategic planners are using mobile advertisements to outreach the mass.

As the world is becoming more mobile, people no more go for the ancient way of advertising. The contemporary world prefers their smartphones, tabs and gadgets. Herein, the role of a good mobile advertising company comes in. To pick up a good mobile advertising network, it is important to know that what is a mobile advertising company:-
A mobile advertising company acts as a link between the advertiser and the mobile operator. Today, it has become one of the most popular revenue-generating fields for mobile application.
Let us discuss the top Companies in Mobile Advertising Domains:

Google AdMob

Google is the number one player in the mobile advertising. It is the largest online Advertising Company. Google has integrated AdMob into his AdSense platform. Google already has its own OS known as Android, which is world’s top most operating system for mobile devices. Google’s ad networks are also available for Android applications, and we all know the popularity of Android OS. So, there is no doubt that Google will remain on top for years ahead.

Apple’s iAd

Apple iOS is the second most popular smartphone OS after Google’s Android. Apple iAd advertising network was announced in April 2010. It helps in delivering advertisements to the iOS applications. Thus, with the help of iAd, advertisers can deliver interactive ads, which user can interact within the application. The ads are served and sold by Apple only, and iPhone developers receives considerable portion of revenue.

Millennial Media

It is another in-app advertising domain. It was started as one of the biggest mobile advertising companies with AdMob. Millennial managed to survive and now it is working independently outside Google. The main challenge with Millennial Media advertising is that the cost is relatively higher than others. It’s because their main business is in serving premium ads, not programmatic buying


It was founded in 2005 for tracking things like traffic, engagement, ads revenue etc. They have done a great job in part by effective marketing.
These are some of the top companies. Other than these, there are several mobile advertising companies in market. And it is not a difficult task to select a good one. Few good suggestions and clarity of kind of service you want, will take you to your right destination.
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  3. Those are indeed the big 4 in mobile advertising. Do not forget though the rising companies that are changing the space with new innovative solutions. My company Avocarrot is changing forever the way advertising works on mobile using native ads.

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