The trends of making money on mobile platforms

App stores like Google Play and iTunes have hundreds of thousands of apps, from simplest puzzles created by hobbyists to million-dollar enterprise apps that are strategically built by professional mobile application development firms.
Today’s mobile app development market has matured enough. Companies and organizations around the world are funding large budgets for app projects; however small, independently developed applications are too going viral and taking over the store charts.


Big companies and businesses can make big investments for the success of their apps but the question is how a small business or an individual, with minimum budget, can implement an app that performs better or succeeds too? However, because there is tough competition out there, bigger budget really matters and offers extra chances of success.
Before we understand how budget can affect profitability of an app, it’s worth knowing the chances of making a profit on each platform.

Major platforms

The more the developers spend on customer services, the more they are likely to make profits. But with major platforms, things are rather positive even if developers cannot make big investment. An average of 37% mobile developers on big platforms like iOS, Android and HTML5 are able to earn profit. They are certainly those developers who understand mobile app development ecology and go according the flow of trends and technologies. They are big companies who work with teams of hundreds of developers and of course, they are individual developers too who develop apps on their own.


Patters of spending on BlackBerry apps and Windows apps are rather different from Android and iOS platforms.  Even if investment is increased, chances of losing money are comparatively higher than leading platforms. Maybe, an app on these two platforms quickly gets noticed but, things are limited to certain level. It’s simple to understand what is happening with these platforms. They don’t have enough users that can convert in customers of BlackBerry apps or Windows Phone apps.
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