The ways techno-giants Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon are tracking users.

Americans are nowadays pretty much upset the ways Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon have been tracking them for so long. After the reveal of a government surveillance program called PRISM, most of the users to the services and products of these tech companies have started to frown for their privacy.
It is important that users know how these companies track your data and what actually you agree in their terms of service agreements. Apart from Google, Facebook and Yahoo are also nowadays heavily dependent on advertising revenue for the survival of their business models. Both Amazon and Apple, however, are selling products but they are also not behind in collecting advertising data.
These companies are able to track your location, IP address, the service provider, browser type, your mail address, and phone number and even your face just by your search queries and advertising clicks.
It is difficult to determine how these companies use your information but it is sure that they are tracking you and obtaining your personal information without asking you for doing so.

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