Things You Should Avoid To Make Your Mobile App Successful

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A growing number of companies around the world are now showing interest in launching apps and taking their advantages. The revenue from the app is also visibly increasing.  A Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimate reveals that global app revenue reached $39 billion in the first half of 2019, up 15% year over year. A report from projects the growth in the global mobile app market at 18% CAGR over the next four year.

Seeing these reports and estimations, a lot of businesses from across the industries are seen attracted towards mobility and rapidly bringing in their apps to the market. And to launch their apps in the market as soon as possible, they hire app developers. Here they rush in hiring an app as their competitors are already doing well just because they have apps. But this is where they also forget that the mobile app development requires enough focus and flexibility because there are a number of steps associated with the development of a single app. This is where a business does a mistake.

Allow us to reveals all those common mistakes made during the mobile app development process.

Including everything in a single mobile app

A business launching its app for the first time generally does mistake by adding everything its website has to its mobile app. But it forgets that a website and mobile app are two different online presences and, they are adopted in different ways by users. An app cannot be the mobile version of a website, and a mobile website is a way different thing.

A mobile app is developed to let users swiftly accomplish tasks. In most cases, a single app is created to perform a single task, not everything a website does.

Launching an app without considering why exactly you need that

In most cases, businesses are launching an app because competitors are also doing the same. But by going through this way, they would never know what exactly their apps will do and thus, their apps fail. Successful apps are those ones which fulfill something and, they do that something quite smartly. They are the well-thought, well-designed and, well-implemented apps.

Focus on downloads, not on retention

Many businesses keep all of their focus on increasing the number of downloads of apps and bother less about if users have been instantly uninstalling apps just after downloading them. They forget that retention is more important than downloads.  So, try creating onboarding experience as smooth as possible because it’s the biggest contributor to increase the retention of the app.

Expecting quick ROI

You will be surprised by knowing the fact that only 1% or less than this of all apps available makes the actual money. So, if you are expecting immediate ROI after launching your app, things will not turn up like this. You need to have enough patience to survive in the app market. If you have not concluded your app project in the right way, you can expect nothing but disappointment.

Building without solid foundation

App building is already a crucial decision. App-owners and developers need to design a lot of things such as target audience, their current apps habits, and why would they need the app. Many businesses do not apply this necessary thinking and thus their apps fail.

Developing an app for multiple platforms

Many businesses have the tendency of building their apps for multiple platforms right from the beginning. But this often proves to be a costly deal with no guarantee of being compensated. This is why experts say that begin with a single platform and then build for others.

Inadequate testing

On an average, more than 1000 apps are published on the daily basis. It means that app stores are really crowded places and competition is already tough. Now, if developers do not perform sufficient testing to go with the rush, buggy apps would fail quite drastically. When users discover an app with bugs, they start making negative comments. Negative comments damage the app for downloads and rankings in the search results. To avoid this, make sure your app goes through a proper testing process.

Not having a marketing plan

This is one very common mistake done by most of the app owners. They develop an app, and launch it without a proper marketing plan in hand. It’s similar to sending a package without a proper address on it. It will reach nowhere. So make sure you have the best possible market plan in hand. Take marketing plan seriously as even the best app will fail without it.

Ignoring negative feedback

Many developers and app owners keep on ignoring users’ feedback whereas it’s the greatest source of making improvements to an app and to come up with the best of the end-products. So never ignore feedback. Feedback and reviews help your learn a lot and make changes in your app accordingly.

Taking easy approach to development

App development isn’t like making a website which doesn’t require too many efforts. There are certain steps – each one will requisite time – to build an app. There is no shortcut. You can’t copy and pest things. And if you still do, there is no chance of success.

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