Time for Facebook's App store..

The news that Facebook will soon offer its own mobile app store can motivate many mobile application developers in developing applications. The app store by Facebook will offer mobile application just like other apps stores. The announcement came from world’s largest social networking site that they are going to roll out a mobile app store where app developers can publish their mobile apps and user can learn about them.
This new place will provide a bundle of opportunities to those engaged in mobile application development and allow them to post their apps to be downloaded by users. Facebook is world’s largest internet based social platform with more than 900 million users. The social platform is signed up by hundreds of thousands new users daily. However, giants like Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Google Play already have a large number of users but they are still far behind when it comes to the total number of users using Facebook worldwide. It can leave developers amazed that apps developed and published on Facebook’s app store will have potentials to be viewed and downloaded by 900 million users.
It is hard to guess the benefits that Facebook’s own mobile store can pass to mobile application development firms; even so many expect to see themselves at new levels. Facebook’s step towards launching app store will give a podium to mobile app developers where they can post their apps and learn how to make them better than the best. Also, possibilities of high quality promotion cannot be ignored when publishing apps on a store fueled by Facebook.

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