Time to Say NO to Wallet Manufacturers

Android application developers have come-up with such android applications which will enable Smartphone customers to enjoy purchases from mobile phone. Smartphone users have the option to go online with online stores, search the right product and make payments for easy delivery.
PayPal, Google Wallet and other Companies are coordinating the deal with various payment processing companies for proper marketing of the product.
This will enhance sales online through Smartphone. The end result is that users will not need their wallet anymore. Android application developers and other mobile application developers will be busier in near future to develop custom applications for the mobile phones. These applications will be developed for android users specifically to promote sales and earn profits. The retailers and people in service industry will benefit most with android application development. Then there is no need to pay in cash. There is no need to put efforts in going to the market. The online mobile payments will take care of purchases.
Android application developers will have a lot to do as they have to develop unique and migration-friendly apps for users which will enhance sales and purchase. Android application developers will have to consider various marketing conditions like heavy traffic, large inventory base for particular items, enabling purchases with high inventory set-up and more.
Similarly the service-industry will have to take care to promote their offers online and enjoy more purchases of the offers. The hospitality industry will have to be on toes with regards to offers so as to attract customers and remain competitive in mobile world.
And in the midst of this deals, the wallet manufacturers have to search for another business and bid Good Bye to wallet manufacturing.

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