Today’s conditions for a great Android application development

It’s difficult to crave a special niche in Android application development market, especially if the crowd of thousands of other Android developers is already the part of this race. Until and unless an Android developer has advanced skills, survival is not easy. Here are some top to the skills an Android developer is supposed to learn in order to beat the competition and get desired place in the Android world.

Follow Google’s Material Design principles

To win in the world of Google, you need to go along with Google. It’s about following the Material Design principles while designing Android apps as Google wants from every Android app developer. Companies have begun to move towards Material Design principles and they will change their apps even if they need an overhaul to stay in and be the part of latest trend.

Sizes of icons and displays

Android’s ecosystem is made of thousands of types of devices from hundreds of companies around the world. They have different screen sizes. Often time developers find themselves in chaos to go with certain screen sizes. The way out to this situation is that they go with Scalable UI. A scalable UI automatically adjusts itself according to the display-environment it is running in. Even the action bar should be designed to be fluid so that nothing looks funny or odd.



It’s recommended that developer adopt only the three types of navigation styles. These types include Tabs, Spinner and Navigation drawer.
Tabs – It allows users to move between views


Spinner – It’s the drop-down from Action Bar displaying items, each of them can take users to different screen


Navigation Drawers – They are drawers, sliding from left to right and vice versa

Navigation Drawers

Use Naming Convention approach for better organizing the project

While working in a team, you can simplify and make the development faster by following better naming rules. It helps all developers save a lot of time spent in searches for variety files or assets

Transitions between different actions

A better transition while users move from one thing to other helps them stay engaged with the app. The animations used in transition supposed to be as smoother as possible.

Styles of various objects

While styling the app, everything including buttons, text areas, etc .should match with its color scheme. There are a number of libraries like AppCompat, Material-dialogs, etc. available for this purpose in Github.

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