Here are the top 5 Android app development frameworks


Android app development frameworks are wonderful. Apart from simplifying the process, they reduce the cost of development to bottom. Also, these frameworks are best tools when it comes to designing and developing cross platform Android apps.


Sponsored by Adobe and Apache, the PhoneGap has been the best of the frameworks. It is preferred over others by many Android app developers. Changes made in an app through PhoneGap can be instantly seen. It supports cross platform apps, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
Appcelerator Titanium


So far Appcelerator Titanium has been one of the widely used frameworks for Android app development. It allows Android developers to build native app using a single code based on JavaScript. As it’s claimed, more than 345,577,800 devices are running with apps powered by 345,577,760.
JQuery Mobile


JQuery Mobile is another excellent HTML5 based framework. The biggest advantage of using JQuery Mobile is that one version code remains responsive to all the devices. That means a single app can run in multiple devices if it is built using JQuery Mobile.
Corona SDK


CoronaSDK helps Android developers to build apps with exceptional features. The development is completed using Lua, an easy to use language. It’s quite popular among game app developer but other kinds of apps can also be built using CoronaSDK. Its more than 500 APIs which give developers enough choices to make app the way they want.


TheAppBuilder is an HTML5 based frameworks offering codeless interface that helps in rapid Android app development.  It lets developer directly submit apps to Google Play, and of course, this trait is the best advantage of TheAppBuilder.
These top 5 frameworks suit well with most of Android app development projects.

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