Top 5 Benefits of Android App Development For Start-ups

Android application development has now received immense popularity among businesses around the world. Thousands of new apps are launched at Google Playstore every month, to add more convenient to lives of the users.
This attracts new start-ups which have just entered the business world and are looking for channels to amplify their offerings. To all them, mobility + apps is doubtlessly the best way to quickly establish themselves as a brand, get recognition and sell more to more customers, regardless of time and place.
Android smartphone mobility offers several advantages over others. Android apps are capable of providing certain rewards to business such as:

Low Investment –  High ROI

1.	Low Investment & High ROI
Android, being open-source software, comparatively has low barrier to entry. An Android developer does not need to invest enough to begin with app development. The software development kit (SDK) is freely available. A developer working for clients generally charge for three stages:
Stage 1 – Application development
State 2 – Testing and
Stage 3 – Hardware cost for testing and deploying an

Open Source

android open source
Android is open source, as we know. This trait frees developers from any sorts of fees required in getting license, royalty and frameworks. There is also a large online community of Android app developers who keep contributing for newcomers. This is what makes Android a wealthiest platform for app development. The open nature of Android is really a boon for all – be they are business owners, developers or users.

Easy integrations 

Because the OS is open source, a variety of integrations are possible with an app based on Android platform. Any business need complex technical customization even as the OS level should choose Android over others.

Multiple sales channels 

Android gives developers with liberty to publish apps from a platform other than Google Playstore. As a developer, you aren’t tied to publish your app only through Google’s own app store. There are a number of stores which allow distributing apps. Android devices let users install apps from other sources but yes, it first verifies these Android apps for any sort of security & privacy issue. This gives business an opportunity to provide their application through multiple sources.

Easy Adoption

It’s easy for developers to create an Android app as it’s scripted in Java. This language is already worldwide popular.  Developers having knowledge of Java can easily build apps for Android with a variety of tweaks. Many Java developers have already switched to Android application development due to popularity of Android platform. This lets business rapidly adopt and implement Android based business mobility.

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