Top 5 features that turn iPhone 4S THE BEST EVER SMARTPHONE

iPhone 4S is the best ever smartphone! Reasons are quite clear. It works on voice and performs a variety of operations. The design is just universally matchless. Think a task and an application is available. There is no issue for safety and security. And for business purposes – it is a fully loaded PC in your hand or pocket.

Apple’s latest launch iPhone 4S is an award-winning device in smartphone category. It is reached to heights of popularity within couple of months in market. It comes with some really cool treats for their fans. This article shows users why iPhone 4S is the best ever smartphone. Here are five reasons to prove the statement.

Siri – Your voice works as command.

Apple’s webpage dedicated to Siri has tagline – Your wish is its command and this tagline is completely true! Siri is remarkable outcome of iPhone application development – a personal assistant knowledge navigator that does a lot of operations on user’s voice. Apple claimed that Siri makes iPhone to get adapted to individual preference of users and delivers personalized operations. Siri can do almost all iPhone related operations on users’ voice such as to send message, schedule meetings, make phone calls, and more. This incredible artificial intelligence first translates your voice to text and then with theses texts, it performs lexical analysis to find out what user wants to do? Here, iPhone device itself is not involved in recognizing speech but the Apples servers do the process of translating speech to text and command the phone to deliver results.

Sleek design – The touch is ahead of imagination.

The second thing that drives users crazy is the sleek design of iPhone 4S. Apple has been improving the design of iPhone since its first smartphone came in market. The new 4S has cool design – the best design among all available smartphones. Its silky glass, discreet home button and well known size just force people to have their own iPhone smartphone. The simple yet impressive design helped users to forget the disappointments shaped by the launch of iPhone 4S in place of iPhone 5.

Apps – They are millions in number

Apple’s iPhone apps store brought a number of options that rivals do not have. Apple tightened its rule and regulation for iPhone apps developers. Now all iPhone software developers must comply with these rules before launching their apps to Apple’s apps store. So, there will be no useless apps in Apple’s iPhone apps store.

Safety and Security – There is still no competition available

Apple’s iOS is safer than its rival Android. Apple created and do maintain one of the most secured environments for all its devices running on iOS. There are few incidences when malware and vicious software occurred on this platform while Android OS has regularly been struggling with security related issues.

It’s now business-oriented device too!

Now iPhone is a business-oriented device too. iPhone developers are working on development of business applications that can mobilize business operations and render them easier than ever before. New iPhone smartphones have been developed to deliver more enterprise environment than ever before. As an organizational tool loaded with a variety of business apps, iPhone is doing lots of stuffs. They are more appealing for any business task than Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

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