Top 5 hidden Android M features Google hasn’t revealed yet.

Google detailed many bigger features of upcoming Android M last week but not all of them. They are managing to hide some secret features of Android M buried deep into its developer’s preview. Let me share with you the top 5 secret features that experts discovered while they were handing on the new version of Google’s mobile OS.
Switching between Dark and Light themes
New Android version M will offer users an option to switch between light and dark themes. Enabling dark mode will switch over all the setting to material dark. As we can assume, this will not affect other things like apps or the device itself. We don’t know about any clue yet that how it will work but yes, as experts could understand that there would be an option to switch between dark to light theme. May be it has some connection with a predetermined time of day and night.

android m theme dark light

Doze apps for saving battery.
Google was already working for better optimization of battery long before Android M. With the new OS, experts have discovered that it’s doing this by implementing a new feature called Doze that in fact puts unnecessary apps of a device into an ultra low-power state. We assume that even if it snoozes the chosen app but it will be smart enough to wake apps when they have high-priority task to do. It can be disabled per-app basis by heading into settings > battery > ignore optimizations > all apps.

android m doze feature

The New RAM Manager
Android decently manages its memory. It allows users to clean the RAM in single tap and in most Android powered devices, the feature is available either via home button or a separate widget. But this feature does not still tell how much memory individual apps are using. Now Google has implemented this feature too. All you will need to do is head over the settings apps > Apps > Tap the tree dots > Advanced > Memory and a page will open showing up what app is eating all the memory.

android m detailed RAM manager

New DO NOT DISTURB feature
In the I/O conference, Google highlighted a simple way of controlling volume alarms, notifications, and media individually but talked nothing about Do Not Disturb Mode (DND). Although this feature was initially introduced with Android Lollipop in which it was referred as priority interruptions. But in the new Android version with same basic functionality, a few interesting changes will also be available. There is repeat caller option allowing caller through if he calls back in within 15 minutes. It also gives option to turn on Do Not Disturb Mode automatically during weekends, weeknights and weekly meetings. You can access DND settings in Android M by heading on over to Sound & Notifications > Do Not Disturb.

android m dnd

Heads Up Notifications
Not all users do like the Heads Up notifications keep popping up for every app in Android Lollipop. But with Android M, users will be able to disable heads up notifications on the basis of individual apps. To enable this feature head on over to Sound & Notifications > App Notifications > Select an App > Disable Peeking. This is an alternate way to disable notification of particular apps if you do not want to do this through DND.

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