Top 6 Future E-commerce Mobile App Development Trends

Top 6 Future Ecommerce Mobile App Development Trends

Can you imagine a whole day without your smartphone? Well, it’s just impossible now. We have developed a huge dependency on these devices and, it would really be difficult to survive without it. In fact, we are now so used to of these devices as we need them for everything, from a simple personal task to big professional operations.

The most common thing that most of the people around the world use their smartphones for is online purchasing. Today, it’s hard for an online business to run itself profitably without having an online presence.

In fact, mobiles have become the future of e-Commerce and, no business in the e-commerce industry can survive without mobile apps.

Today, people depend more on apps than browsers. From finding the information of interests to locating places and direction, and from playing games online to sharing updates on social media, most of the people now depend on apps. It has turned into a common practice now.

Also, there are new things being introduced to the e-commerce landscape. With apps, there are many other technologies that are getting their way to e-Commerce. Let this blog help you because by learning about these new technologies, you will be able to adopt them and generate more sale.

Relying on AR and VR

Undoubtedly, AR and VR technologies are here to stay and make big differences in the world of mobility, including the ecommerce industry. They both can deliver endless benefits to e-commerce businesses. If an online store is looking for high engagement of customers, then AR and VR can be the best technologies for them.

The AR technology can make digital elements live just with use an AR-enabled apps and the camera of a smartphone. This technology provides the missing piece of information for ecommerce that used to make customers doubt a purchase – the way it would look in real life. With AR capabilities in a shopping app, people can virtually feel a product and even try it. Also, the AR technology is good for physical stores where customers can virtually try how they would look like in the clothes of their choice.

AR is also the best technology for furniture sellers as an AR-enabled app can allow customers to virtually place any furniture in their space before they actually spend their money on purchasing it. This sort of app can be used by both an online store and a physical store.

With virtual reality, customers can even interact with products and see it from all sides by entering the virtual reality environment. Though, using VR technology is recommended only for high value products as the VR app development is a costly deal.

The Internet of Things

IoT technology can also help e-commerce apps by providing personalized data to each customer. The data and information obtained from the connected IoT devices can be fed up to ML based solutions to accurately determine customers’ behavioral patterns. With IoT, stores aren’t only able to get the data of customers’ online activities but also of what they do offline.

The IoT technology can also make the marketing strategy more efficient as e-commerce businesses online would be able to provide customers with targeted ads having more potential to be converted into sales. IoT certainly has massive potential in online retailing.

Voice Search

Voice search is another latest technology being applied to shopping apps. The voice technology frees customers from manually typing for searches. All a customer shopping online requires to do is to tell the app to search a product and, it will do that. The voice capabilities have now evolved to a level where apps can also understand local languages, not just English. Leading shopping apps have already implemented voice search functionality

New Payment Methods

In most cases of online purchases, customers prefer debit or credit cards, but an online store must not be limited to these options only. With time, many other options keep on hitting the market and some of them really become popular; especially among young customers.

Today, we have digital wallet, and instant lay-by services as well as Crypto Currencies which have preferred method among young customers.


Some e-commerce stores have even implemented Chabots powered by AI. This allowed them to replace costly human customer care and support employee and automated the entire process with 24X7 availability. The advantage of using chatbots that the can easily be programmed for all fundamental questions that a customer can ask.

Cloud Integration

With cloud integration, an e-commerce becomes capable of delivering best performance which every online store owner and it customers look for.


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