The top benefits of hospital mobile app development

health hospital mobile app development

health hospital mobile app development Mobile technology is amazing. It’s impact can be noticed on almost all the aspects of our life. One of them is healthcare. Yes, mobility and apps have great influence over the healthcare industry all over the world. Nowadays, a lot of app start-ups are growing up around the healthcare industry and, of course, contributing to make the world a better place. Mobile healthcare is also hard to ignore in terms of revenue.As predicted by a Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ research, the global revenue from mobile healthcare will reach up to $23 billion in the year 2017.chart-1 Various studies conducted have revealed growing trends of mobile apps in the healthcare industry and related professionals. Manhattan Research Analytics studied that nearly 62 percent of physicians are using tablets at their work while half of them directly at the point of care. The same situation is seen among nurses. Liipincott Williams and Wilkins surveyed that a 71% of all nurses use smartphones for various operational purposes. There is a high rate of mobile device adoption among medical workers. Following chart shows the trends – chart-2 Mobile Apps for Hospital – Health facility providers require making various decisions in a short span of time and, each  decision needs to be correct at its place. Once a decision is made, all responsible professionals need to take up the implementation. The IT infrastructure certainly plays a great role in quickly making these decisions , but with the mobile enabled IT infrastructure like an app, the decision making process turns out to be further quicker. Also, a lot of things can be automated and all respective professionals can be alerted for the same. A single mobile app development, for hospitals, may serve different users, depending up on their requirements. Doctors and nurse will use the app for checking health indicators of patients in real time while patients are able to monitor their health conditions on their own. Then there are program makers who will use the data of doctor-patient transactions for making new health programs. Here are the top Benefits of Hospital Apps; for each belonging parties:

  1. Hospital apps for physicians and nurses

The first persons to have need of smartphone solution in healthcare are medical professionals such as doctors and nurses. They need all the information to provide better care to a particular patient 24/7.  When they have access to the x-rays, various tests, prescriptions, ultrasound, and MRI through an app, they can speedily react to a situation and provide instant treatment to particular patients. The information exchange will happen just in a moment, which in result, helps doctors and nurses provide better care to patients.

  1. Hospital apps for facility managers

Apps can also help feature-facility managers to better connect to the infrastructure of hospital-buildings. They can monitor use of resources such as energy and temperature, equipment, etc. In this way, shortage of resources can be avoided, particularly in emergency cases.

  1. Hospital apps for executives

Apps can help hospital officials and admins to keep tabs on the statistics related to room and bed availability, fund-flow, cleanliness and so on. With having right information just a tap away, executives will make quick decisions. App can also help in automating processes related to insurances and payments.

  1. Hospital apps for patients

When patients have apps, they have an easy way to get engaged in their own health programs. They can keep track of taking medicines on time along with observing the dynamics of being on the mend, reporting doctors and nurses about change in condition and so on. Various mobility connected devices help patients making independent analysis. Few examples to these devices include LifeScan Verio Sync from OneTouch. They are found helpful in measuring level of glucose and transmitting this data to smartphone via Bluetooth. How the mobile app development for hospitals  takes place An intelligent mobile app development for hospitals serves almost every requirement in a hospital. This is why developers recommend going with native app development technologies. App engineers will need custom solutions for each operation which may also be accessed from single Android or iOS app. Four vital aspects to be considered while implementing apps for health care as as follows:

  1. Intuitively UI and UX
  2. Platform-device-support
  3. User-defined
  4. Security and privacy

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  1. This article has taught me a lot about app development services. It was interesting to learn that these type of services can help medical professionals to make decisions in a short span of time. I hope this article can help us to avoid unattended medical emergencies in the future.

  2. Thanks for the in-depth information. Some benefits of the hospital mobile app development such as reduce the risk of medication errors, reduce misdiagnoses, improve efficiency and patient throughput and provide the entire care team with consistent, reliable information etc.

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