Top reasons why you cannot ignore Android application development

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Today it is impossible to ignore the world of Android. Its creator is Google, the search engine giant that is leading the internet for about one and half decades. With more than 50 percent market share, Android has left iOS and other smartphone operating systems far behind in the race. The credit of making smart devices such popular just goes to Android apps. Android apps can offer ample scopes to businesses that are looking for worldwide exposure. From large organizations to small-medium enterprises, to government departments, to corporations, to non-profits; all are discovering the benefits of Android OS and Android application development.

7 reasons you cannot ignore Android application development:

Android devices and Android apps are cheaper than others.

Do you disburse your cash on any material thrown at you? No, it does not happen. Still, decision is yours. But, why would you spend more money whereas you can have the same value and productivity at reasonable price? Same is the case with Android. It is affordable. A fully-functional Android smartphone is available at $200-600. This is not possible with iPhone.

Developing Android apps is less costly.

Android application development is also less costly. If you have a reasonable budget, you can get your app developed too. There is no need to pay for obtaining license, etc. Google provides the best of the tools and technologies for app builders and all these tools and technologies are available at free of cost.

More places than one to distribute Android apps

You can distribute your app from more than once place whether it is free or paid. Apart from Google Play Android app store, you can distribute your apps through third party platforms like Amazon Android Store, Fasmicro, MiKandi, Len Barnes and Noble’s Nook Apps, Lenovo Enterprise App Shop, etc. This is not possible if you go with iPhone. More distribution options help you get desire exposure to your app. App stores, others than Google Play’s Android store, have fewer Android apps thus apps are easily discoverable.

 Android is really popular.

Google Android has become the most popular smartphone OS of today that is powering millions of smart devices. It presently powers more than 50 percent smartphones all over the world. If you have Android, you can find applications for all the purposes, like business, weather, travel, news, lifestyle, gaming, sport, music, video and a lot of others. Android is available on world’s most popular mobile brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG as well as other locally popular brands.


In spite of lots of malware attacks, Android is the securest OS. Developers know how difficult it is to affect the security provided by Linux architecture.  It is a Linux based operating system and user can rest assured for their sensitive data and private information sent and received via an Android applications. Most Android malwares come through free apps. Users can easily secure their devices if they avoid free apps. They can also install an Antivirus application that will keep on scanning their devices.

It has powers similar to other smartphone operating systems

Some people think iOS is the only powerful OS; however, it is not true. Android has powers similar to other operating systems like iOS, BlackBerry, etc. Newer Android OS like Ice Cream Sandwich has powers beyond imagination. Android Jelly Bean is expected to be a more advanced OS.

It Is Google’s own mobile OS

Android is the mobile operating system of world’s leading search engine Google. Everybody knows how powerful Google search engine is. Google provides lots of services, e.g. search, mail, data information, web browser, maps, navigation, entertainment, news, translation, alerts. And most of these services are available on the smartphones powered by Google Android OS.

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